Key trends in 2017 for digital marketing

I was recently asked to contribute to a piece predicting the key trends to make an impact within the digital marketing industry this year. Always a topic of interest I thought I’d share my thoughts here.

The growing importance of customer experience

More and more brands are taking customer centricity seriously (about time!) and embarking on integrated, personalised experiences across all touch points. There’s still plenty of companies who are lagging behind in this area but it will continue to grow in its importance with consumers becoming more and more demanding, wanting an ever personalised service.

Optimising the customer experience is not just about marketing communications, it covers all aspects of business from the web site and customer service, to fulfilment and operations, to in store, to social, and so on.

The shift from conversion optimisation to personalisation

This leads on to shaping the overall customer experience. I work with many companies who have started on the journey of conversion optimisation (CRO), but many are still to embrace personalisation as an extension of their CRO programmes. I am seeing a shift in how some companies are now better integrating their insight, design and development teams which is enabling this focus on shaping the experience for their customers through utilising personalisation technology. It’s still a rather immature market but seeing strong growth and will become a key differentiator for brands who can nail it.

You can read more about my thoughts, and those of my colleagues at Fresh Egg here.